I want to thank all of the people that supported me on my run for the Maryland Statehouse over the past 18 months.  I think we can hold our heads high knowing that we ran a great campaign.  

As a group, we attempted to take on three Democratic incumbents in a district that runs nearly 2-1 Democratic. Running a campaign with that kind of challenge will always be a tall order.  We can be proud that so many people on our team stood up during the race, came together and tried to make a difference in this year's political process. 

Going forward, I hope that we can harness some of this energy and build on it for the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections in 2012.   I am sure that many of you will join me in this effort.  I look forward to continuing to see you along the campaign trail.

Your Friend and Candidate, Jeff Robinson


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To All District 13 Voters

I want to become your representative in Maryland's House of Delegates. I am a candidate because the current politicians in Maryland have not done enough to represent the citizens of our fair state.  This is even more of a problem in District 13.  Our current delegates have consistently pandered to special interests—advocacy groups who would prefer to sneak their agendas through our legislature without the benefit of public debate.

Maryland spending is out of control and the State has committed to expand its government programs for years to come.  Our generation—as well as the next—will be the ones forced to pick up the tab. I am running as a Republican because the GOP, historically, best supports the ideals of fiscal responsibility and allowing Government to focus on what it does best.

Growing the middle class and our small business community represents the only real future for Maryland.  Yet the middle class and businesses are being squeezed out.  We must refocus on ways that encourage honest, hard-working familes and entrepreneurs to succeed here without their having to fear that they will be over-regulated or over-taxed.

Instead, at every turn we've shot ourselves in the foot:

  • We face a $2 billion budget deficit this year and a $3 billion deficit in 2012, even though our legislature pushed through our state's biggest tax increase in its history
  • Our government has become adversial with the private sector in Maryland, instead of a job-creation partner--over-regulating and over-taxing entrepreneurs and business owners as they try to survive the ravages of a tough economy.
  • While we spend vast amounts of money on education, our schools as a whole have remained in the middle of the pack in how well they actually serve our students.  
  • Our legislature made a half-hearted and partial attempt at utility deregulation a decade ago, which resulted in unpredictable pricing spikes for energy—and now their recent calls for re-regulation of the same industry;
  • A slots revenue program that was supposed to save our State’s horse racing industry—and which was delayed for years by politically partisan bickering until it was too late to save the industry.  That same ineptitude now jeopardizes our ability to keep the Preakness, one of horse racing's crown jewels, here in Maryland
  • Our economy has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs, our houses today may be worth less than the mortgages held on them, and even our state's standing as a positive educational force may be in jeopardy.

Yet no one has asked the tough questions about how or why we continue to let these things happen.  As citizens, it's now our job to force our state government to take real steps to correct these issues.  We've got to instill a stronger sense of accountability throughout the state government and in the policies that it has instituted. If we work together to set things right, we can begin to make that happen.

Please...help me get to victory in November....and I will fight for you for the next 4 years. 


Jeff Robinson
Candidate for House of Delegates


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